Kelly Brooke

First Impressions

Kelly Brooke has blonde hair and blue eyes and I?m always a sucker for that look. She also has an incredibly slim body with small tits and lovely legs and I`m always a sucker for that. There`s a great preview video on her tour that teases you with some of what she offers inside and attempts to get you all hot and bothered. It did the job for me, especially the shots of her in the black spandex. There are some preview shots of her in lingerie that also look promising so I`m really looking forward to what`s waiting on the inside.

Hot Promises

Kelly Brooke loves getting naked, showing off her hot body and playing with her toys. That`s one of the first bits of text you`ll read on her site and right below it is the video that promises she`s going to be a bit of a naughty girl when you finally get in there and visit with her. She promises high resolution videos and there`s a little WMV HD logo so she seems to be saying they`re in high definition. The 20 year old blonde promises fully nude and uncensored action and it looks like it`s going to be a good time so I`m looking forward to it.


The latest pictures updates await you upon logging in. The site is relatively new and at this point it`s unclear how often she`ll be updating. The page is blessedly free of any advertisements and with one click you can be experiencing the pleasure of Kelly Brooke. I was particularly fond of the image gallery where she poses in a white satin camisole with black lace cups for her breasts. get to show it anymore.

The site consists of her picture galleries and her videos. It`s possible that the future will hold something greater but at the outset she`s keeping it simple. Right now she has 25 picture galleries with the most recent one having a date attached to it. My guess is that she has only added one set since launch, which is perfectly understandable. The fact that she launched with such a big collection is impressive; most girls don`t have more than a handful of picture galleries for their members when they go live. get to show it anymore.

For each picture gallery there`s a preview picture and a title. The pictures are clear and well chosen so you always know what you`re getting when you click and visit. The sets typically have 40-100 pictures at 1400px and they look crystal clear. That`s what you get when you hire a good photographer. They lack zip files though. That`s an annoyance that`s so easy to remedy it boggles my mind. Why don`t all sites have them` It takes just a few seconds to make one. get to show it anymore.

Kelly Brooke dazzles with her slim body, her long blonde hair and her blue eyes. Those are the reasons to join her site. No matter what she`s posing in those elements play a significant part in the entertainment. I`m pleased to see that she gives us a fair amount of variety in terms of the outfits she wears. There are bikinis, sexy lingerie, glamorous outfits, sexy dresses and there`s even a cheerleader outfit that proves to be quite lovely. get to show it anymore.

I`m particularly fond of her bikinis since she has what I would judge to be the perfect bikini body. Her breasts are small and perky, her waist is tiny, her ass is little and plump and her legs are long and luscious. Of the bikini sets my favorite features her in a black and grey polka dot number as she poses out by one of the most beautiful pools I`ve ever seen. In the foreground you have this foxy blonde with a tight body and in the background you have shimmering blue water. How could that get any better` get to show it anymore.

In her picture galleries and her videos Kelly Brooke gets fully naked. That`s when you can really appreciate the beauty of her body. She`s so slim and trim it`s impossible to look away and it`s awfully hard not to whip it out and have some fun. That`s the point though, right` She`s supposed to get you hard and get you off and you go along for the ride. After getting fully naked Kelly is often tempted to pull out her dildo and fuck her pussy with it. The dildo screwing is a big part of the site`s appeal, in fact. It`s always arousing to dream of being that dildo, of being the one that`s fucking her naughty pussy hole. get to show it anymore.

The videos are appealing but there are only four of them. They`re each roughly 10 minutes long and they play at 1280x720 and 8000kbps. They`re high definition in the best way and while they`re quite large it`s totally worth the wait. My favorite video shows her doing some naughty stretches and rubbing her pussy while wearing a spandex leotard. The way it shines in the light of the room and the way it clings to tightly to her breasts is impossible to resist. That video also features her pulling out a purple dildo and fucking her pussy over and over again. She really thrusts that toy deep inside. get to show it anymore.

In another video she`s wearing a sheer black body stocking and using a pink dildo. She turns it on to vibrate and then she goes at her pussy with lust. She wears a sexy pink flyaway baby doll in another high definition movie and it too looks amazing. She shoots a video posing in the lingerie and then she uses a vibrating egg to give that wet pussy of hers the good feelings it craves. The final video shows her wearing denim shorts and playing in bed. She strips naked eventually and once again I`d like to emphasize just how gorgeous her naked body is. get to show it anymore.

Kelly Brooke has a really small site and without concrete data it`s hard to say how often she`s going to be updating. The bonus content should theoretically help with that but right now it`s not in working order. On the bonus page they start you with a bunch of advertisements for other sites, webcam shows and adult personals. None of that gives you anything but an opportunity to spend more money. They have content featuring young chick that`s supposed to work but right now you`re just forwarded to the company that sells the leased stuff. It looks like they didn`t pay their bill for the leased content so they don`t get to show it anymore.

Croco’s Opinion

Kelly Brooke is a beautiful young blonde with a lot of promise. She has amazing blue eyes, a slim body, nice natural tits and a great ass. She poses in lingerie, bikinis, sexy dresses and elegant outfits and she strips fully nude. She uses dildos in her picture sets and movies to fuck her naughty young pussy and she always looks good. She has all the tools to make a terrific solo babe site and if she continues to update with some regularity the site will turn out to be something amazing. Let`s assume she`s going to because the site just launched and that`s only fair. $29.95/month is a little expensive for something this small but as time goes by and more content is added it will feel like a good deal. Plus, she`s one of the few solo babes to offer high definition videos. The site could really use a little personal contact with Kelly. There`s no email address, no diary, no webcam shows and no forum. It`s just her pictures.


Navigating the site is a simple task thanks to a smart design and high quality content.

Pricing Policy

It`s $29.95 every 30 days.

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